Can I buy a property in Banff?

YES! Anyone may purchase a property in Banff, but Parks Canada has regulated who may occupy and use the property.

Is all the land “lease land” in Banff?

All land in Banff is “leased land”. This is how Parks Canada can enforce the “Need-to-Reside” provision. The typical term of residential leases are 42 years long.

Can I rent out properties for short term rentals (Airbnb, vrbo, etc) in Banff?

Short answer is No (for the residential properties) ,  however, you can if you have a BnB licence, hotel, or other qualifying commercial business.

What does “Need-to-reside” mean?

You must meet the ELIGIBLE RESIDENT requirements to occupy the property, however you can rent it out to a person who does qualify.

Please refer to our “Need-to-Reside” tab for more information and the Town of Banff website.

Do prices fluctuate in Banff like other locations?

Banff National Park is a hidden gem and has a very stable economy. Banff prices tend to remain very stable and do not fluctuate like the city or surrounding areas, this makes Banff an excellent investment. Our economy is based off “Supply and Demand”,  and because Banff’s boundaries have been set and fixed by federal law the demand remains high and constant .   

When is the best time to sell a property?

Based on our professional experience, the best time to sell a property is Spring or Fall.

When is the best time to buy a property?

Based on our professional experience, the best time to buy a property can fall under a couple options: Winter- Prices tend to be a bit softer, however, Spring tends to have the most properties listed on the market which increases your purchase options.

How can I keep an eye on the market and find properties that suit by needs?

RE/MAX Cascade Realty Realtors stay in close touch with their clients which helps keep potential buyers/sells informed on the market trends

How can I learn about the Bow Valley market?

Contact any of our Realtors to be added to our exclusive email list, listing data base, social media, exclusive information/education evening and more

Can you help me find a property outside of Banff or Canmore?

Of course! RE/MAX Cascade Realty Realtors are committed to assisting you in finding a dream home even if it’s outside the Bow Valley. We work with many amazing Realtors all around Alberta, British Columbia , and Saskatchewan and we would be happy to refer you to another professional Realtor in that area.

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